Angel Aura Rose Quartz Sphere

Physical Properties

  • Beautiful rainbow shine make these crystals stand out!
  • Lovely pink tones come through.
  • Natural rose quartz that is electroplated with platinum.

Energy Properties

  • Angel aura rose quartz has a strong intense energy.
  • Activates the crown, throat, and heart chakras.
  • Fills you with feelings of love and increases your ability to love.
  • Helps you connect to your higher self.
  • Helps you connect to your guardian angels and other cosmic entities.
  • Its strong energy can be used to open up any chakra, clear blockages.
  • Increases communication abilities and helps removes things that may stop you from speaking your mind and heart when you know you should.
  • Powerful healing energy that can be used for general energy work or directly for healing purposes.

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