Stromatolite Pyramid

Stromatolite features a stunning green and black pattern like a scene of primordial creation. Its unique and powerful energy activates your heart and solar plexus chakras and is useful for transformation, brainstorming, and opening up your heart. The vivid swirling patterns you see translate into a strong, warm, and vibrant energy that helps transform you into what you truly want to be. Its grounding ability remove negative energy, emotion, and thoughts that may be weighing you down, and works with the crystal to unleash your creativity about the things you care about. This ancient crystal is over 2 billion years old going back to the primordial chaos that existed when the earth was first created and covered by the cyanobacteria and algae they crystallized to form the unique and powerful crystal known as stromatolite. Take a piece of nature that watched humans come into existence and watch it transform your life based on your deepest dreams and desires.
These stromatolite pyramids show off this unique crystal beautifully and are meticulously crafted and cut. They are about 3" wide and weigh around 1lb, and make for beautiful piece to display in your living spaces, on your nightstand, or on your desk. It will put out its vibrant energy all around to the benefit of yourself and your loved ones.