Sodalite Half Polished Point

Sodalite Half Polished Point
  • Beautiful deep blue and white details, like a galaxy cutting through the universe.
  • About 2" wide and 3" tall, weighing around 18oz.
  • 100% natural sodalite that traveled across the world from the jungles of Madagascar in Africa.

Energy Properties

  • Sodalite emits a gentle and calming energy, but it is still potent in its own way.
  • Activates the throat and crown chakras.
  • Helps with neck, shoulder, and throat pain, and it is also of great use for your words, speech, and language.
  • It will help you correct your speech and show you why you say things you do, as well as help come up with words for what you are trying to say.
  • A great crystal for leaders, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

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