Sodalite Egg


Sodalite features beautiful patterns of deep blue, white, and possibly brown details, like a galaxy cutting through the universe. Its energy activates your crown and throat chakras and is an especially potent crystal for leaders, speakers, and entrepreneurs. Sodalite’s energy is strong yet gentle and calming and helps with neck, shoulder, and throat pain. It is a stone for communication and will help you find your voice, words, and language for whatever your task at hand. These crystals traveled across the world from the jungles of Madagascar and will enhance your speaking ability, both for what you need to say and in illuminating why you say the things you do.

These beautiful sodalite eggs are hard to find and add an extra layer of gentleness to their potent energy. They are 100% natural and traveled across the world from Madagascar, and are about 2-3" wide and weigh around 17oz. Add sodalite to your life and enjoy its energy helping you find the words for the things you need to say.