Smoky Quartz Point


Physical Properties

  • This is a huge rare high quality smoky quartz point.
  • Has a beautiful golden brown glow as light shines through it.
  • Over 9 inches long and weighs over 3 pounds!
  • Features 'stairs' along one of the sides going up to the point.
  • Several windows you can see through.
  • Contains several rainbows.
  • Impressive display piece to showcase in your living space for your friends and loved ones to marvel at.
  • 100% natural smoky quartz mined in Arkansas, USA.

Energy Properties

  • Smoky quartz has strong healing energy and is grounding.
  • Activates the crown chakra and root chakra.
  • Removes negative energy, feelings, and thoughts from the room.
  • Great for healing and removing blockages.
  • All around useful crystal to have that adds to any area.
  • Can be used to positive energy and make it even stronger!