Rubellite Sphere

Physical Properties

  • Beautiful deep red to lighter pink rubellite tourmaline crystal inside of white granite.
  • Uncommon mineral combination and rare to find made into spheres.
  • 100% natural crystal mined in Madagascar.

Energy Properties

  • Rubellite puts out strong healing energy that quickly fills you.
  • Activates both the crown and root chakras.
  • A very unique energy that is especially useful for healers and energy workers, but also good for leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Amazing crystal for activating your kundalini, helping it flow upwards, and getting your breath going.
  • Helps energize you, make you bolder, increase your life force and vitality.
  • Helps you see with clarity and objectivity.
  • Helps you heal any part of yourself, including your emotions, spirit, and mind.
  • Excellent for working on all chakras, activating them and clearing energy blockages, but especially the root and crown.

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