Rose Quartz Sphere

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Quartz crystals are white to clear and feature inclusions that create beautiful patterns and details, and some rarer pieces will feature rainbows. Its powerful and potent energy can activate all of the chakras but is especially great for the crown chakra. It is a must have crystal for your collection and one of the best crystals for beginners and experts alike. Quartz has the unique ability to absorb energy put into it, amplify it, and then release it back out. When used carefully it can be very useful for different energy work and ritual practices it make it one of the most used and versatile crystals in existence. Rose quartz is a must have for all crystal lovers with its lovely pink clouds and swirls all over. Feel it activate your heart chakra with its warm, caring, and loving energy. If you want more love in your life, are looking for your soulmate, are overcoming heartbreak, or wish you were more loving, this crystal will work wonders for you. Rose quartz is also known for increasing the gratitude you feel towards life and the compassion you have for others. These gemmy high grade pieces travelled from Madagascar and are the crystal to use to enhance your love life.
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