Rhodonite Sphere

Rhodonite features gorgeous sections of pink details surrounded by a black matrix. Its powerful energy is warm and grounding and activates your root and heart chakras. Use it to help overcome anxiety and depression as well as heal your root chakra by unlocking repressed energies and removing them with its grounding ability. Rhodonite increases your life force and vitality making you better able to face the day and get things done. This crystal’s strong connection to the earth will help heal you all over and ready you for your next challenge.

About Crystalline Creatures

Crystalline Creatures offers you powerful crystals from the best mines around the world. We only work with mines that can offer the high level of quality you expect. Our crystal guides love to help! Finding the right crystals for your desire, helping you use crystals to get the most from them, whatever you need is our pleasure to serve. Each of our carefully selected crystals are cleansed and charged for you. As soon as your crystals arrive, they’re ready to empower you and help you manifest your desires with their power.

Shipping and Returns

Most orders ship the next business day and include a tracking number. In the unlikely chance that you’re unhappy with the crystals you receive, shop in peace knowing we’re there for you with our easy return policy. Our mission is to help you manifest your desires with the power of crystals, and we’re proud to be part of your journey.