Quartz Pyramid


Clear Quartz Summary

Clear quartz’s powerful energy activates all your chakras and is especially great for your crown chakra. It is a must have crystal for manifesting your desires. Clear quartz crystals are white to clear. They feature inclusions that create beautiful patterns and details. Rare pieces even feature rainbows!

These pyramids feature good clarity with great looking inclusions and rainbows. They are perfect for meditation and energy work by holding it or keeping it near you. The point at the top focuses the energy of the crystal into an especially strong beam that helps you work with its energy and feel its benefits and effects. It is about 3" wide and weighs over 1lb, this natural quartz crystal pyramid will empower and heal your life however you see fit.

Clear Quartz Meaning

Clear quartz is a must have crystal for your collection. It is one of the most useful crystals for beginners and experts alike. It stands for pure loving life energy. It brings wisdom, clarity, and vision. They make for the go to crystal to meditate with, activate your chakras, fill yourself with its pure energy, and manifest your desires. Setting quartz with an intention and filling it with the energy of that intention will see it returned several times over. Still it is not a very intense crystal, it is overall medium in strength and quite neutral.

Clear Quartz Properties

Clear quartz has the unique ability to absorb energy put into it, amplify it, and then release it back out. When used carefully it is useful for different energy work and ritual practices. It is an extremely versatile crystal. It is one of the most well known, universally loved, and valued crystals. Its energy is a very pure energy that is useful on its own. It pairs well with all other crystals because of its neutralness. It has a warm and loving quality to its energy. Its energy is not hyperactive, but not dull either. Quartz has soothing energy overall, but raw pieces and shapes with more points will feel more intense.

Clear Quartz Mineral Data

Quartz is also known as silicon dioxide, it is a crystalline form of silicon. It is classified as a form of chalcedony. Quartz crystals are very hard with a glass like quality to them. They are a 7 on the hardness scale which makes them difficult to scratch, but they can still crack from impacts and should be treated with care. Their crystalline structure typically makes six sided trigonal shapes that people have come to love. Quartz crystals can grow in a large variety of conditions, from cavities and fissures to ambient conditions as well. They can be created in igneous conditions also, but this is more rare.

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