Quartz Point with Rainbows


Clear quartz crystals are white to clear and feature inclusions that create beautiful patterns and details, and some rarer pieces will feature rainbows. Its powerful and potent energy can activate all of the chakras but is especially great for the crown chakra. It is a must have crystal for your collection and one of the best crystals for beginners and experts alike. Quartz has the unique ability to absorb energy put into it, amplify it, and then release it back out. When used carefully it can be very useful for different energy work and ritual practices it make it one of the most used and versatile crystals in existence.

This stunning point contains rainbows and several areas of high clarity. It is over 7" long and 3lbs and contains an immense energy. It has a great point and there is even a touch of red on the side where it grew out of the earth. A show stopping point to feature in your living spaces, it will add large amounts of powerful healing energy to your room to the benefit of yourself and your loved ones. 100% natural quartz mined in Arkansas, this is a one of a kind quartz crystal point that will empower your life.