Labradorite Palm Stone


Labradorite is a beautiful and mesmerizing crystal that is highly loved by collectors and spiritual users worldwide. Its magnificent one of a kind iridescene, also known as labradoresence, can create beautiful rainbow like effects ranging with colors from blue to yellow to green and purple. Its energy is extremely good for healing as you feel it activate your throat chakra and release repressed emotions. Labradorite’s energy is deeply connected and grounded with the earth putting out calming, soothing, and warm energy while removing negative emotional energy that it unlocks or that you may be holding on to. The result is a happier you with less emotional burden weighing you down leaving you feel calm, sooth, and ready for your next big experience. 

These labradorite palm stones are decorative but are also great to meditate with as they fit well in your palm. They are small enough to carry in your pocket or purse so you can benefit from its powerful energy everywhere you go.