Green Fluorite Octahedron Freeform

Beautiful Green Fluorite Octahedron Freeform
  • Amazing one of a kind octahedron crystal formations on matrix.
  • A brilliant display of bright green color.
  • Amazing display piece to show off in your living spaces and add outstanding energy to.
  • About 5" wide and 4" tall, weighing around 4lbs
  • 100% natural fluorite that traveled across the world from the jungles of Madagascar in Africa.

Energy Properties

  • Fluorite has an energy that is strong and purposed, but also is settling and clearing of the mind, known as the Genius Stone.
  • Not quite as warm as quartz, but it is not cold either.
  • Activates the crown and third eye chakras, working on the head and mind as a whole.
  • Fluorite is very good at being programmed by intention to help with thoughts, ideas, and beliefs however desired.
  • Versatile crystal that can be used to help someone achieve and change almost anything they desire.
  • Its energy does heal too, but its affect on the mind is unlike any other crystal.
  • Green fluorite adds to this a greater connection to nature and additionally activating the heart chakra.

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