Emerald Fluorite Freeform

Fluorite is a beautiful crystal that comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from greens, purples, browns, and more. Its energy greatly affects the mind and activates your crown and third eye chakras. An extremely unique and versatile crystal, you can program a fluorite crystal with a beliefs, thoughts, and ideas to then put these back out for the benefit of yourself and others. Its energy can be used for healing however its effect on the mind is unlike any other crystal and where it truly shines. Use fluorite to settle and clear your mind, explore your beliefs, ideas, and dreams, and help you achieve what you desire.

These emerald fluorite freeforms have exquisite green and white details all around, like the connections in a brain going from one idea to another. It has a greater connection to nature and affects your heart chakra more strongly because of being the emerald type of fluorite. About 5" tall and 4" wide, weighing around 2lbs, their energy is immense. This fluorite is 100% natural and traveled across the world from Madagascar to help you focus, concentrate, and empower yourself with its energy.