Black Tourmaline Point

Black tourmaline is a beautiful crystal with unique black details. This powerful grounding and protecting crystal activates your root chakra and goes well with most other crystals. This master crystal is a must have for your collection. It is very useful for those battling anxiety and depression, and is especially important for empaths, energy workers, and mediums in order to keep themselves clear of energies they may pickup during their practices. Black tourmaline is superb at removing negative energy, emotions, and thoughts, and has the unique ability to neutralize the negative energy and put out a calm soothing energy instead. On top of helping you dispel negativity and hatred, it is great at shielding you from the negative energies of others that you encounter while you carry this crystal.

These black tourmaline points are perfect for meditating, keeping on your nightstand, or keeping on a desk. They are at least 2" long and 1" tall weighing around 6oz. This black tourmaline is 100% natural and traveled arond the world from the jungles of Madgascar to help you remove the negative energies you may have and keep you cleansed everyday.