Amethyst Standing Clusters

Amethyst is a popular crystal known for its ability to help break addictions and open your mind. It has beautiful purple colors that range from deep and bold to light and bright. Feel its warm energy open your mind and help you see the world more clearly. Amethyst is great at helping you make better choices and do what’s best for you. It is a beloved crystal by many for its ability to help you awaken, and even attain enlightenment! Add amethyst to your life to break old habits, realize oneness, and manifest your desires.

The deep rich purple color of these pieces are only found in the highest quality amethyst in the world. These standing clusters feature dozens upon dozens of points coming out of an agate matrix. These are rare clusters with cut bases that are perfect for displaying throughout your home, keeping on your nightstand, or on your desk. This 100% natural amethyst mined in Uruguay will help you empower yourself with its deep healing energy.

Sizes may vary by up to 0.5" and the weight listed is a minimum guarantee of what you will receive.