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How do crystals affect you with their healing energy?
Our bodies contain energy. There is energy all around us. Thoughts and feelings are forms of energy, and atoms put out energy too. Crystals put out energy that affects your body, emotions and mind. Different crystals put out different energy. Having a crystal near you or on you effects your energy. Meditating with a crystal and bringing its energy in has stronger effects on you.

For more information please view: Introduction to Crystal Energy


Do crystals need cleansing and charging?
Almost all crystals benefit from being cleansed and charged from time to time. All crystals we offer have already been cleansed and charged. They are safe, powerful, and ready for you to use when they arrive at your doorstep. Cleansing a crystal removes negative energy that the crystal may have picked up while still in the earth or while being mined and worked. Charging a crystal fills the crystal so it is ready to do its best work.

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Does the shape or size of a crystal matter?
Crystals come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are polished and smooth to the touch. Others are rough or raw as if straight from a mine. The shape of a crystal does change how its energy is felt and what can be done with the crystal. Points on a crystal will emit a stronger beam at its point. Rough crystals put out a sharper energy. Polished crystals put out a gentler energy. Pyramids are one of the strongest shapes a crystal can be cut into. Balls are strong but very gentle in comparison. The size of a crystal makes a difference. A larger crystal puts out more energy than a smaller crystal of the same type. However a larger crystal can be more difficult to work with because of their weight.

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What are the major energy centers of the human body?
There are many energy centers in the body. The main ones are commonly referred to as chakras. There are seven main energy centers known as the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. There are also energy channels in the body commonly known as meridians.

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Do I have to be religious for crystal energy to work?
The energy of crystals and your energy centers and channels are not tied to religion. Crystals will affect you even if you do not believe it is possible. You have energy centers and channels even if you are not aware of them or cannot feel them. But, what you believe affects what you experience. We suggest being open to crystals. Be open that crystals may have energy that can heal and affect you.

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What do I do if I cannot feel a crystal?
It is common if you are new to crystals to not feel them at first. It is also common to only feel the energy of some crystals. A few suggestions are to spend time looking at, holding, and getting to know all the unique details of your crystal. It can help to hold your crystal cupped in your hands and say how you want the crystal to help you. Imagine energy coming out of the crystal as a colored light and going into you. If there are any crystals you do feel, keep working with them and over time you will be able to feel other crystals too.

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How do I meditate with a crystal?
A basic crystal meditation can be done by sitting or laying with a crystal in your palm or on your body. Begin by deeply breathing by inhaling for two seconds and exhaling for four seconds. Focus your mind on your breathing. Do this for ten breaths and then notice if you feel any sensations in your body and where the crystal is. If you do then, then very good, you are connecting with your energy body. It's okay if you don't, keep breathing two seconds in four seconds out and notice for sensations that arise. If you don't feel anything the first day, do not give up or get discouraged, with practice and patience you too will feel your energy and crystal energy one day.

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