Manifest Strength

These crystals help manifest your inner strength. Increase your vitality, boost your courage, and bring out your boldness by activating your root chakra, energizing yourself, increasing your life force, and making you feel stronger and more confident than ever before.

Carnelian is extremely potent and increases your life force, boldness, confidence, and sense of strength. It is tied closely to the earth and activates your root chakra greatly, its energy is very strong and active. 

Sunstone is similar to carnelian, it has even stronger energy that feels like the sun radiating through you. 

Tiger's Eye is very good for increasing your boldness and desire to act and do things. Red and black crystals will all be useful by activating your root chakra, increasing your vitality, and channeling into you the energy of the earth.

Carnelian and Tiger's Eye combined make for a powerful combination to help you manifest strength. They will energize you, activate your root chakra, and embolden your every move.