Manifest Love

These crystals help manifest love in your life. This is done by increasing your ability to love, healing heartache, activating your heart chakra, balancing your masculine and feminine sides, and filling you with loving energy.

Rose quartz is a must have in manifesting love as it helps with each of these. It energy is warm and extremely loving, no other crystal is as loving as rose quartz is. It is very gentle and soothing, and is great for everyone to carry and work with.

Malachite is good at attracting more love to you by greatly opening up your heart chakra, and by healing heartache. With an open and healed heart, the universe will know you're ready.

Rhodonite is powerful for healing heartache with its grounding properties. It removes negative emotions from previous heartache and relationship woes, and helps open up your heart and be receptive to love again. For those that wish to move past their previous relationships, this is the crystal they need.

Green Aventurine activates your heart chakra and brings balance to your masculine and feminine sides. This helps you strengthen your relationships and be at harmony with yourself. If you find yourself being either overly emotional or overly clinical, green aventurine will help restore you back to balance.

In general, crystals that are pink, green, and blue will be helpful in manifesting love in your life, and your ability to give and receive love!

Rose quartz and Green Aventurine make for a powerful combination to manifest love in your life.