Manifest Peace

These crystals help you manifest peace. They improve your mental health and emotional well being. They calm you, removing negative energy, increase your connection with nature, fill you with loving energy, cleanse you, help heal your emotions, and balance your chakras,

A strong grounding crystal is a must have to remove the negative energies that fuel anxiety and depression. Black Tourmaline is extremely powerful at ridding you of negative energy, emotions, and thoughts and filling you with warm neutral energy. 

Angelite is excellent for helping you feel calm which especially helps with anxiety. 

Rose quartz will fill you with warm loving energy to help make you feel better and replace feelings of emptiness. 

Malachite and Lapis Lazuli are very good for emotional healing and mending wounds from the past. 

Selenite and Quartz will help you cleanse yourself, balance your chakras, and fill yourself with pure positive energy. 

Black Amethyst is a very powerful and unique crystal that is much like the combined effects of quartz and black tourmaline, it removes negative energies while filling you with strong and pure energy that cleanses and balances you.

A very useful and powerful combination is black tourmaline, selenite, and rose quartz for helping manifest peace. Keep your crystals with you as much as possible and meditate with them regularly to experience its benefits over time.