Entrepreunership, Leadership, and Focus

These crystals help you with entrepreneurship, leadership, and focus through helping you communicate more clearly, increasing your ability to focus and concentrate, clearing your mind and giving you clarity, energizing you so you can get more done, and increasing you boldness to help you overcome fear and do what you need to do.

Blue crystals such as Sodalite will increase your communication ability helping you speak more clearly, express yourself better for effective leadership, and find words for the things you need to say.

Fluorite will help your clarity of mind, ability to focus, concentrate, and think. It can additionally be programmed with beliefs either to empower yourself or your business. Red crystals like

Carnelianand Sunstone will energize you, increase your boldness, and help you have the energy and confidence to get more done throughout the day.

Citrine will increase your creativity and help you come up with new ideas, it will also attract more opportunities to your life!

Tiger's Eyecombines the boldness of carnelian with the focus of fluorite and the creativity of citrine, making it a useful and versatile crystal. Black crystals as well as white crystals will both be useful for clarity as well.

Sodalite,fluorite,and carnelianmake for a great combo that will greatly amplify your abilities as an entrepreneur and leader.