3 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Crystals Every Day!

October 01, 2019

We're here to help you get the most out of your crystals. You may find yourself with too many things to do each day. We'll show you easy ways to benefit from your crystals and help manifest your desires with as little time that you may have each day.

Keeping a crystal near you throughout the day will allow its energy to help you. Holding it, looking at it, touching it, focusing on it when you have a moment or wish to get more from it will increase its effects on you.

Carrying a crystal on your body, either in your pocket, as jewelry, or somewhere else on your person allows the crystal's energy to affect you more greatly. It also makes it easier to touch it and focus on it throughout the day.

Meditating with your crystals by sitting or laying comfortably. Then either place them on the palm of one or both of your hands, or on your body. Then focus on the crystals and imagine being filled by their energy. Remembering to breathe deeply by filling your belly first will help the crystal's energy fill your body. Even doing this for 1 minute will have effects, but the longer you can spare to meditate with your crystals and bring their energy in the greater their effects will be.

I find a good goal is to meditate for 20 minutes with the crystals you've chosen to help manifest your desires. However, those days I'm extra busy and don't have time to meditate, I try to at least keep crystals near me throughout the day, and preferably keep them in my pocket where they can work their power.

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