3 Simple Ways to Use Crystals to Manifest Your Desires

October 01, 2019

Crystals can be used in many different ways. Below are 3 simple ways to use crystals to manifest your desires. Depending on how much time you have to spare each day, you can use one or more of these to help crystals affect you with their powerful energy.


 1. Keep your crystals near you

  • This is a simple and sure way for crystal energy to benefit you.  
  • Pick crystals each day to help you with the challenges you will be facing. 
  • Spend a few moments appreciating your crystals throughout the day. 
  • Pick one at a time, and hold it. Really look at it and notice its beauty and fine details. Touch it, focus on it, put all of your attention on it. 
  • You will be rewarded by the crystal's energy affecting you more and more! 


 2. Carry your crystals on you

  • Another simple way for crystal energy to benefit you is to carry them on you. The longer you carry them, the better! 
  • You can keep crystals in your pocket or purse, or put crystals in a pouch and carry that with you. Jewelry with crystals in them is a great way to keep crystals on you, as well as placing them anywhere in your clothing that you can manage to fit them! 
  • It also makes it easier tospend time with your crystals. Touch and focus on them throughout the day when you carry crystals on you for greater effects.
  • The rewards are greater, by touching your body and being in your energy field for more time, the crystals have more opportunity to affect you and help manifest your desires!


 3. Meditate with your crystals

  • Sit or lay comfortably. Then placea crystalin the palm of one or both of your hands.  
  • Begin by closing your eyes and focusing on the desires you want your crystal to help youmanifest. Once you have it in mind, tell your crystal the desiresthat you want help manifesting. 
  • Next begin focusing on your breath. Breathe deeply, filling your belly first and then your chest. Feel the air moving past your nostrils, moving in and out. 
  • After a few deep breaths or when you feel ready, move your focus to the crystal you’re meditating with. Feel the weight of it on your palms. Imagine a light that’s the same color as the crystal coming out of the crystal and entering your palms. 
  • Keep breathing as you imagine the light filling your hands, then your arms, then your chest, and soonuntil you imagine it filling up your entire body. 
  • You may or may not feel sensations in your palms, or along your body as you imagine the light from the crystals filling you up. If you do, then great! Explore the feelings and continue imagining the light pouring into you. If you do not, it’s no big deal! Focus on the light filling you up. 
  • Remember to keep breathing while you meditate and focus on your crystals. Keep imagining the light from the crystals filling you up. From time to time, focus on the desires you wish to manifest as well. 
  • Doing this for as little as 1 minute a day will allow the crystal’s energy to affect you more than just keeping a crystal near you or on you. The longer you can spare to meditate with your crystalseach day,the greater their effects will be. 
  • I feel a great goal to aim for is meditating for 20 minutes with your crystals each day! It’s especiallyniceto do this in the morning. It willnot only to clear your mind and center yourself, butallow youto really focus on the desires you want to manifest and be filled withyour crystal’spowerful energy.  


Keeping crystals near you, carrying crystals on you, and meditating with crystals will help you manifest your desires with the power of crystals. 

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